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Jaffa Xmas Stages,Pembrey. Saturday 30th December. Meet at McDonalds Llanelli, leaving there at 07:15 LATEST. First car away at 09:00. Stage ready 08:00. Any questions or problems contact Rob Lilies or Roy Whitney. Remember to give your name to Rob Liles so he can arrange entrance passes in time.


The club is Marshalling on the Jaffa Xmas Stages at Pembrey on Saturday 30th December doing starts. Contact Roy Whitney or Rob Lyles to put your name down so that they can order enough Passes. Meeting at McDonalds Llanelli, Trostre Roundabout, times to be confirmed. Rob Liles with have the Passes to hand out on the Morning.

Also we have been asked to assist on the Show Ground Stages in Builth Wells on 20th January 2024, more details from Roy.


A number of our club Radio crews and and in stage marshals are out on the Roger Albert Clark Rally in  November and Brecon Motor Club are looking for help in running there stage on Friday 24th November in Glasfynydd, which is on the Trecastle road, a few of our club members have already offered there assistance but if anyone else is interested in helping out they can contact mark Weller at Brecon MC.


The club had a few busy months recently, we had teams out on the Fairfiled Stages at Pembrey and at the Tour of Epynt in July, and the Mewla at the end of August, doing starts and finishes. We also had a few club members on the Ceridigion and 3 Shires rallies in September doing in stage duties who were “flying the Flag”. We also have a few new Radio operators that have joined the club taking the number up to 12 Radio’s. Our radio crews are often out on events supporting clubs throughout Wales. There are only a few Rallies left to round the year off, The Cambrian, The Roger Albert Clark and The Jaffa Stages to name a few, and a number of us will be out on those events doing radio amongst other things.


Any persons wishing to marshal at Pembrey on 23-07-23, and who have not given there name to Stacey, must do so by 5pm on Friday 14th July in order for her to order passes as you cannot get in without a pass. Her email is: [email protected]


The marshal team were out at Brawdy last weekend on a breezy but dry sunny day and a good day was had by all, with enough members present to allow for breaks and swap overs. There was praise given for an outstanding job done by all concerned for keeping the event running to time and even starting the last stage some 10 minutes early. well done to everyone.

Some dates for your diaries that the club will be marshalling on in the near future.

23-07-23 Pembrey

30-07-23 Tour of Epynt

As with all military based events now, and most other events, names must be submitted in advance in order to gain access to the venue. Come along on a club night every Weds to give your names to club chief Marshal Stacey who will put you on the list to obtain a pass.

Ian Howells has asked the club if he could attend a club night night in about 4 weeks time to give training to marshals, radio operators and anyone who is interested in learning about the running of a stage and the expectations of marshals/radio operators on a stage rally. More info will be giving out at club nights and posted on here.


The Marshal team travelled to Caerwent at the beginning of this month for what might be the last Rally held there for a while due to the increas in Army Training at the venue. A sunny but cold day but at least it was dry. With enough members present it was possible to swap people around to give them an insight into all the jobs required at a start as well as being able to give us all a break now and then. Another fine job was carried out by the team being well organised by Club Chief Marshal Stacey.

Our Next event is on 30th April at Epynt doing Starts and Finishes.


Below are some dates for online training from the British Rally Marshals Club. MSUK have changed the way that upgrading will be carried out and the way they code them, from January this year.  These sessions are available to everyone who is a registered Marshal and can be found via the BRMC site or the MSUK learning hub. If you need any more info come along to club night and ask Roy or Alan for details.

The online Dates are:

    Date                          Code                            Module

28-02-23                    RYO3A                          Incident and Safety Management 

14-03-23               GEO3D – RYO1B                   Report Writing – Communication in Theory

11-04-23                GEO1G – GEO1A                   First on Scene – Fire Theory

09-05-23               RYO2B – RYO2C                   Intro to Rally Timing – Rally Radio

06-06-23               RYO2D – RYO2E                   Intro into Rally Radio – Rally Timing

04-07-23                      RYO1C                           Spectator Safety & Management

05-09-23                      RYO3C                           Stage Set up

03-10-23                      RYO3D                           Advanced Radio

07-11-23                      RYO3E                            Advanced Timing


After a good soaking at Pembrey on the Jaffa Stages over the Xmas holidays the club are doing Starts and Finishes in Caerwent on the Ross Targa In Caerwent on 5th February. Anyone willing to help can contact Stacey Thomas or attend a club night for information. As this is MOD property evryone needs a pass to gain entry.


The team went to Pembrey for the Jaffa Xmas Stages at the end of last year to assist with Start duties. It was a very wet and windy day, although not for Roy who was doing radio in the comfort of Andrews van. The team did a first class job yet again in what was EXTREMELY wet conditions, even for Pembrey at that time of year, we were fortunate to have enough Marshals to rotate people so as to take a break and have a well earned cuppa, cup cake and bacon sarny supplied by our Chief Marshal Stacey, to whom we are most grateful. A big well done to the team for putting up with the weather and doing a top job.

Our next outing is at Caerwent on 5th February to do the Ross Targa Road Rally and we are looking for volunteers to assist in doing Starts and Finishes, please contact Stacey to obtain joining details, as this is MOD property everyone has to have a pass to gain entry to the venue. Hope to see you there.


Jaffa Xmas Stages Weds 28th December

The marshal team will be meeting at Mc Donalds in Llanelli at 07:00 ready to leave by 07:30 to give you time to get a coffee and breakfast. Passes will be issued here for entry to Pembrey without a pass you will be charged at the gate for entry. Please arrive in time to collect your pass.


Jaffa Xmas Stages Weds 28th December

We are doing Arrivals and Starts at Pembrey in December. Names to Stacey ASAP please. Come along and work off that Xmas Pudding.


Brawdy Stages 2nd & 3rd July

The club is doing Starts and Finishes at Brawdy in July, camping is allowed on the air field Saturday night, but names have to be in beforehand to obtain passes. See Stacey at club for more details or contact here be email. [email protected]


Tour of Caerwent 27-03-22

We are doing Starts this Sunday at Caerwent, meeting at Mc Donalds Coldra, Junction 24, M4. Leaving at 07:30 so if you want to eat get there well before that. Nigel is in charge and will have spare passes to get in the venue. No Pass means No Entry



Timing Training  Night

The club has arranged a Timing Training Night for Weds 9th March at Pontardawe Golf Club starting at 8:30pm. Rob Mitchell and Mike Griffiths will be giving a demonstration on how the systems that we use on rallies work. It is a good opportunity to get up close in a relaxed atmosphere to see how it is done and a chance to brush up on your skills. Everyone is welcome so please come along and make Rob and Mikes efforts worth while. 


The club has been asked to do starts at Caerwent on Sunday the 27th March, please contact Stacey ASAP if you are available.


The Red Kite Stages will run on Sunday 12th June 2022, based once again in the Neath Valley, we are looking for marshals and radio cars to assist in the safe running of the event. If you can assist in any way please contact the Chief Marshal, Stacey Thomas at:   [email protected]  


The club is marshalling on the RAC this year, we are doing two days, on Sunday 28th November, in Dyfnant, which is run twice, first run 13:00 and the second in the dark at 17:00. And on the Monday at Walters Arena.  More info at club nights or from Stacey:      [email protected]


Tour of Epynt 31-10-21

The club has been asked to marshal on the Tour of Epynt next month and any club members wishing to attend as a marshal must give there names to Stacey Thomas club Chief Marshal ASAP. As this is a NO spectator event the only way to get on the ranges is by marshaling. Pre registration is the only way to gain access as the organisers will be employing private security to man all access roads to the ranges. We have been asked to do 3 starts and 2 finishes. More details from Stacey at club or email her at:          [email protected]


Brawdy Stages 04-07-21

The club has been asked to marshal at Brawdy next month and any one wishing to attend as a marshal must give there name and email address to Club Chief Marshal Stacey Thomas,  by Friday 11-06-21. If both of these details are not given, you will not be added to the list. The gate will be manned by the Army and NOT club officials, so if your name is not on the list you will NOT be allowed into the venue. There will be no exceptions to this rule.

The club is also marshalling on the the Mewla in August and the RAC in November, more details to follow.

Contact Stacey at:        [email protected]

Red Kite 2021


 Amman and District Motor Club Ltd would like to announce that due to the Covid Pandemic and the current Welsh Government restrictions plus reasons beyond their control, the committee have made the difficult decision to cancel this years Red Kite Stages that was due to take place on Sunday 13th June 2021, in the South Wales Valleys. The decision was not an easy one to make but feel that it is the right one in these uncertain times. The committee would like to express their gratitude to all the organising team who have worked tirelessly over the past years to keep the event on track as well as running what has become a first class event for many years in the past. We would also like to thank  all the Championship organisers, Officials, Rescue and Recovery, and the many volunteers who stayed loyal in these uncertain times.


I hope your all well and staying safe in these difficult times…… It is our intention to run the Red Kite on 13th June 2021. This will obviously depend on the circumstances due to the Covid 19 situation. The event organisers have to deal with 5 major authorities, MSUK, Welsh Government, R4W, NRW and NPTCBC , which all have slightly different rules when it comes to Covid 19, as if things weren’t difficult enough already when planning an event. Hopefully it will ease in the New Year. If you will be available for the event in 2021 can you please let me know on the email address below and I will keep you up to date with progress. Merry Christmas and a Healthy and Safe new Year.

Kind Regards

Stacey Thomas

Chief Marshal Red Kite Stages 2021

Email:   [email protected]

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After a committee tonight 08-09-20, the committee have made the unfortunate decision to suspend our weekly club nights at the Golf Club due to the fact we are not in a position to safeguard our members well being due to restrictions in place at the Golf Club. We held a club night there last week and we didnt feel we could safeguard you all at this present time. We intend to have a “zoom” club night in the near future and all members will be notified with joining instructions by the Secretary shortly. We are sorry that we have to take these measures but the health and wellbeing of our members is paramount, and we hope you will join us on our “zoom” club night. 


GOOD NEWS……. Club nights will resume on Weds 2nd September from 8:30 pm, and finish at 10:30 pm until further notice. This is to comply with the Golf Clubs own restrictions and we must comply with there social distancing rules which means no tables or chairs are to be moved from there location on arrival, and a maximum of 35-40 people are allowed in the lounge……..(I dont see this being a problem). we will have in place a track and trace system, and all personal details recorded on club nights will be shredded after 21 days. We look forward to seeing those who are willing to attend, but also respect those that don’t feel quite ready to attend for what ever reason.

This has been a trying time for all of us, in more ways than one, and I hope that we can start to resume some sort of normality in the not so distant future. Thank you for your patience and hope to see you at club soon.  Alan Hinton. Chairman

AUGUST UPDATE. We hope you are all staying safe and well. The committee have been in contact with the Golf club and as of yet we are not able to resume our club nights, as soon as things change we will let you all know. In the sort term the committee are looking into using ZOOM and we plan to have a committee meeting using it next week to try it out and hope to have ZOOM club nights in the future.  We will let you know how we get on and hope to see on ZOOM if not at club.

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Club Championship

Road Rally Drivers:                       Road Rally Navigator:                 Indoor Quiz Singles:

1st Peter Carrol                    150         Richard Thomas                59             1st    Alan Hinton                4

2nd Johnathon Oliver         76          John Aspland                     42             2nd  Johnathon Oliver       2

3rd Robert Lewis                 40          Seyyan John                       20             2nd  Richard Thomas         2

4th Steffan James                21           Simon Yates                          1

5th Justin Lewis                   20                                                                           Indoor Quiz Teams:

5th Barry John                     20                                                                            1st  The Old Scruts              6

7th Nick Yates                         1                                                                            2nd Team Gerg                     3

Stage Rally Drivers:                       Stage Rally Co Drivers:             2nd  Dai, Wyn & Son           3

1st  Barry John                     40             1st   Seyyan John               80           2nd  Sideways Squad           3

2nd                                                           2nd Alan Hinton               61            2nd  The Black Stuff Boys  3


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Stage Rally Results

Results of Club Members competing on Stage Rallies.

Fairfield Merlin Stages 2019

A few members travelled to Pembrey on a cold but suprisingly dry Sunday.

Darren James + Ryan Jones in the Evo6 were 10th o/all + 4th class, and Barry John & Seyann John were close behind them in the scooby  11th o/all + 5th class.

Trevor Barsons + Alan Hinton Pug 206 GTi 28th o/all 6th class.  Unfortunatly Gareth Davies, co driving for “Wiggy” in the DarrianT9 Retired with drive shaft failure.

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