The Rali Mynydd Du is all systems go……. the event will start from Pontardawe Rugby Club, Saturday 18th September from 17:30 with hot food and drinks available as well as spectator information.



We apologise for not posting  any updates about the Mynydd Du, but the web site was down, we will post the regs and online entry link shortly on the Mynydd Du page.




PR work is almost finished and the Regs should go live in the next few days with entries opening on 28th October 2023.



Plans are well underway to run the Mynydd Du road rally again this year with the route being with MSUK for approval. The event will run on 18th/19th November 2023 starting from Pontardawe Rugby Club with scrutineering and noise being carried out near by. For more information come to our club meeting every Weds night at Pontardawe Rugby Club from 20:30. 



With the restrictions in place from Covid no plans are in place to run either of these events as of yet, it is unlikely that they will run but we will keep you informed if things change.


Due to work and family commitments the organisers are unable to run the event in February, as planned. It is planned to run later in the year. More info will be posted when available.