Club Memeber Results

In this section we will publish club member’s results when they compete on events.

Bro Caron 2020

Three club crews entered this years Bro Caron and with the entry filling up within hours of the entry’s going live, only one crew recieved an early entry, that being the Mk2 Escort of Johnathon Oliver and Sam Vaux, the other crews were added to the 30+ reserve list. However Peter Carrol and Abi Haycock in the Citroen C1GT decided not to wait and withdrew their entry. The remaining crew, Dai John and Alun Ginn in the Toyota Corolla were rewarded with there wait and got a run. A wet and windy night awaited the crews and the first to fall fowl of the conditions was the Escort crew of Johnathon Oliver and Sam Vaux, there Escort colliding with a very hard bank on a slippy down hill into a ninety degree bend which damaged the quarter panel but unfortunately wiped out all there rear lights which called an early end to there rally. Dai John and Alun Ginn carried on through worsening conditions and managed to finsh 38th o/all and 14th in Class. Well done to them and commiserations Johnathon and Sam.


Cilwendeg 2019.

A few clew members entered this testing event with varying results. Nick and Simon Yates in the Suzuki Switft car 58, 49th & 25th in class,John Aspland navigating in a Peugeot 206, car 60, Retired and Peter Carroll and Abi Haycock in the Citroen C2 car 83, 56th & 15th in class. Well done everyone.


Powys Lanes Nov. 2019

7 crews started in what was difficult conditions with rain, sleet and snow the order of the night.

Christopher Williams and John Aspalnd had a great night finishing 8th o/all and 1st in class, top result.

The Yates brothers 13th + 8th class,  John Oliver + Sam Vaux 22nd + 14th class, Peter Carrol + Abi Haycock  24th + 5th class,

Tommy Slack + Daniel Belcher 29th + 9th class, Steffan James + Richard Thomas 32nd + 2nd class.

Unfortunately Dai John + Alun Ginn retired after getting stuck in a field on a white just before petrol.

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